“Life enabled by Light doesn’t exist without Love”

Annelies George, initiator of Loveable Light

author of the Jessie Golden Earth Series and A Whisper of Thoughts

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Loveable light

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Thank you for visiting my website and expressing an interest in me. If you click on the picture (Annelies George invites you), I will explain what my initiative is all about: to help the Earth spin in an energy of POSITIVITY, LIGHT and LOVE. 

Why Loveable Light?

“The world is already ruined, what can I do about it, as just one individual?” I often hear around me. Admittedly, looking at the news is not cheering me up either, watching another attack, war or murder with many victims. However, the saying “improve the world and start with yourself” still applies.

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The main activity of Loveable light at present is to create more awareness about the powerfull light within called LOVE. Through video’s and post’s I would like to share my thoughts on topic’s that matters to me.

I am planning to set up a special Loveable Light community, called the Loveable Light Angels. If you would like to stay informed, please follow me on my author’s Facebook Page where the main information is shared. Although I also share some information on the Loveable Light Facebook Page, the experience learned that people were more engaged with the author’s Facebook Page, hence I changed the focus.


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Who is Annelies George?


Annelies George is a Dutch IT professional with a long track record in the international IT finance industry. She worked among other companies for Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and GE in a variety of (management) roles. 

Annelies is also the international best selling author of the fascinating Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth Saga, a series of five fiction apocalyptic romance suspense novels that are very closely connected with the initiative.

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Quantum Physics

The number 144.000

The Laws of the Earth

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  • Quantum Physics – read more

    We live in a world of living energy. Everything is energy and everyone is connected to each other. The well-being of humans is connected. One can affect the other and vice-versa.

    Loose particles, which float in the field, are able to organize each other. That happens automatically. After the contact they go their own way in the field. If the living energy particle A interacts with particle C, which is more organized than A, the system automatically takes the more organized state of C as the way forward for particle A. When particle B has a lower organization, B will also automatically arrive at the same level. The particles automatically inherit the higher organization.

    In fact, once contact between particles become each other’s planning and is equal, they remain connected to each other, even though they are no longer physically with each other. In this way, the total field is organized continuously. The collective awareness of the human race works in the same way. Once a critical mass has reached a certain level of planning, consciousness or enlightenment this level will eventually spread across the whole of humanity.

    Some information comes from the Syllabus Munay-ki by Monique Lukas.

  • The Laws of the Earth (read more)

    In The Prophecy, part 3 of the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth series a Peruvian priest informs the main character of the story, Jessie Golden, in chapter 8 about the Laws of the Earth. In his point of view these Laws are basically very simple:

    “Where there’s harmony, pacification and inner peace among humanity, with love in the most purest form, the Earth will be quiet, giving love back to mankind. A positive way of living is surrounded by positive rewards. However….

    When war, dissatisfaction, hatred, envy and selfishness dominate humanity, then the Earth will be restless, giving upheaval back to mankind. A negative way of living is surrounded by negative rewards.”

    What he is trying to make clear to Jessie is the fact that the climate changes around the globe are a result of our own actions.

    Under “Quantum Physics” I explained how one particle can influence another particle. In fact I stated that everything is energy, connecting us with an invisible thread. Everything we do has an impact on another energy particle around us. It triggers a response, whether positive or negative. Therefore human behavior could impact the functioning of the Earth.

    The ongoing climate changes are at the forefront in the Jessie Golden series. I strongly believe that every deed of love, no matter how small, a sparkle of more positive energy contributes in the very long run to the state of the Earth. If we continue this flow of negative energy the Earth will be impacted severely with all that implies.

  • The number 144000 (read more)

    144000 is a natural number. It has significance in several religious movements. In the Mayan calendar, a baktun is a period of 144,000 days (Wikipedia).

    Different prophecies say that we can achieve world peace when 144.000 people gather to jointly share feelings of love in one place at the same time, such as watching the sun come up. So many alert awakened people can change the world. That is also what quantum physics is stating.

    In September 2016 I took the initiative to organize a joint global sun rise event with people watching the sun rise in the Netherlands, Norway and Australia. By far I couldn’t gather 144000 people at the same time, but it was the beginning of Loveable Light as an initiative as such.


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