Loveable Light Activities

At the moment there are no new events planned. Please note that you can share your positive thoughts on our Facebook Page at any time





On 25 September 2016

We watched the sunrise from different places in the Netherlands, Norway and Australia. It basically was the start of the Loveable Light initiative.

Workshop Loveable Light

Currently I have plans to organize monthly workshops around the theme, including some other thoughts relating to a non-fiction book I am working on. Due to time constraints (work, writing and the care of my mother) these workshops will not start before January 2018. More to follow.

Annelies George  

United We Stand

Over the past year I have spoken with many people who share my point of view. Basically it’s very simple. First start loving yourself. It really doesn’t matter who or what you are, as a human being you are unique with your own specific wonderful talents; someone to love, but also a person who can give love to others. You are in fact Loveable Light’s very soul. Just start wondering what you could do as an individual to give some more love to this world, shining your light of positive energy in your everyday life. It’s the little touches that make the difference. And we need to start somewhere to enable a snow ball effect in due course. I thank you so much for helping to make this world a better place to live.