August 7, 2016

Danielle Van’t Schip Oonk brings Loveable Light to Melbourne

Photo: Olaf Veltman

“Finding true inner peace will lead to the awakening of an endless flow of love and happiness, ultimately bringing world peace.” This is one of the messages that Danielle Van’t Schip Oonk wants to pass along in her book “One final truth”. Therefore she connected straightaway with Annelies George , who launched “Loveable Light” in June.

This initiative, inviting people around the world to jointly watch the sunrise on Sunday 25 September 2016, creating a boost of positive energy, will now also be hosted in Australia by Danielle. That Sunday she will gather with others to watch the sunrise from a still-to-be-announced spot in Melbourne.

“Norway is participating and intentions have been expressed in Bonaire, Barcelona and Dubai,” Danielle says, emphasizing that the initiative still needs a lot of help and support in the Netherlands. “Registration is fairly simple. You can participate or host a spot.”

The procedure is described on the website. “It’s a matter of completing a form and sending a picture of the spot if relevant. All the rest is automated,” Danielle says.

The idea for “Loveable Light” developed while Annelies George was writing her second fiction novel (“Darkness and Light”). Based on the quantum physics principle of the interdependency of connecting parts, she discovered that negative ideas or thoughts snowball rapidly (for example, Hitler). Then it also should work the other way around, Annelies thought, i.e., the peaceful gathering of people will release a flow of positive energy. The sunrise is a metaphor. “From darkness to light, that’s in fact what we are aiming for,” she says. “To shine more love all around the globe, making the darkness casting a shadow on our existence caused by negative acting fade away, leading to a peaceful Earth.”