June 19, 2016

Loveable Light

Photo: Toon Buchner


Today the first initiative of Loveable Light has officially started, initiated by Annelies George (the Netherlands, Bussum). On Sunday, September 25, 2016, we would like to watch the same sunrise with as many people as possible (target number: 144,000) from various places across the world as a first step to a better world. It’s an easy but effective way to offer an opportunity to create more positivity in our daily lives.

Currently many people are feeling powerless due to an overload of negative energy impacting the behaviour of human beings all around the globe, with severe consequences. Think of another terrorist attack, bombing of innocent civilians, restricting freedom of expression, or any other form of oppression and violence. But also closer to our everyday lives, things such as bullying, neglect, theft, vandalism, rape or abuse which have a huge impact on someone’s life. With this relatively simple initiative a first start can be made to generate some more “positive” energy in an effort to influence the way of thinking and doing of negative minds. The only thing that needs to be done is to travel to a designated spot (or a place organized by yourself as co-organizer) to gather with kindred spirits for a maximum of one hour to watch the sunrise.

It’s supported by quantum physics. Particles have a lasting effect on each other (from a higher ranking), even though these particles are physically no longer together after the initial encounter. Once a critical mass (in this case, a certain level of light and love) has been achieved, this eventually will snowball, which literally and figuratively will be the “the first ray of hope” on the way to a better world.

The idea for this initiative was generated by a passage from the book Darkness and Light (author: Annelies George, part 2 in the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth series), in which the lead character wonders why negative ideas historically propagate as fast-spreading evil. Hitler is taken as an example: a man with a very poor vision, who succeeded in getting an entire nation behind him in no time. Then the question is raised: what if we reversed this, i.e. a positive idea, spreading goodwill toward all man and impacting everything around it.

People can sign up via the Facebook page as co-organizer or participant. They will be kept informed of the progress in the interim.