We live in a world of living energy. Everything is energy and everyone is connected to each other. The well-being of humans is connected. One can affect the other and vice-versa.

Loose particles, which float in the field, are able to organize each other. That happens automatically. After the contact they go their own way in the field. If the living energy particle A interacts with particle C, which is more organized than A, the system automatically takes the more organized state of C as the way forward for particle A. When particle B has a lower organization, B will also automatically arrive at the same level. The particles automatically inherit the higher organization.

In fact, once contact between particles become each other’s planning and is equal, they remain connected to each other, even though they are no longer physically with each other. In this way, the total field is organized continuously. The collective awareness of the human race works in the same way. Once a critical mass has reached a certain level of planning, consciousness or enlightenment this level will eventually spread across the whole of humanity.