The Laws of the Earth

In The Prophecy, part 3 of the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth series a Peruvian priest informs the main character of the story, Jessie Golden, in chapter 8 about the Laws of the Earth. In his point of view these Laws are basically very simple:

“Where there’s harmony, pacification and inner peace among humanity, with love in the most purest form, the Earth will be quiet, giving love back to mankind. A positive way of living is surrounded by positive rewards. However….

When war, dissatisfaction, hatred, envy and selfishness dominate humanity, then the Earth will be restless, giving upheaval back to mankind. A negative way of living is surrounded by negative rewards.”

What he is trying to make clear to Jessie is the fact that the climate changes around the globe are a result of our own actions.


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Under “Quantum Physics” I explained how one particle can influence another particle. In fact I stated that everything is energy, connecting us with an invisible thread. Everything we do has an impact on another energy particle around us. It triggers a response, whether positive or negative. Therefore human behavior could impact the functioning of the Earth.

The ongoing climate changes are at the forefront in the Jessie Golden series. I strongly believe that every deed of love, no matter how small, a sparkle of more positive energy contributes in the very long run to the state of the Earth. If we continue this flow of negative energy the Earth will be impacted severely with all that implies.